Mind, body, sprit – Little things make a big difference

Think about the number of people that you encounter during the day. If you’re like most people, you don’t give it much thought. But you can make a big difference in the day of a lot of those people by doing things to make them feel good.

Some of these things fall into old-fashioned manners and others into the “pay it forward” philosophy. You don’t have to go out of your way, it doesn’t cost anything, and best of all, you’ll make yourself feel good in the process.

  1. Look someone in the eye and smile
  2. Open the door for someone
  3. Wave at your neighbors
  4. Send a thank you card to someone who made a big difference in your life
  5. Mentor someone – it can be a child, college student or an adult who needs a second chance
  6. Teach a class in something you enjoy at local community centers, free university or an MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
  7. Learn a few great, clean jokes
  8. Tell a friend you appreciate them
  9. Say “Thank You” more often
  10. Make dinner for an elderly neighbor
  11. Make sandwiches for homeless people and distribute them one evening
  12. Collect all your old books and take them to a school or homeless shelter
  13. Give a stranger a sincere compliment
  14. Volunteer for a charity organization that’s close to your heart
  15. Anonymously buy dinner for someone at a restaurant

In the grand scheme of things, little things mean the most. Remember, it doesn’t take much to make someone feel good. Especially yourself.


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